R&M LK Electric Chain Hoist – Dual Speed Motor Trolley

The R&M LK Electric Chain Hoist – Dual Speed Motor Trolley (MT) is designed with a focus on durability and efficiency. This electric chain hoist is built to last, with every detail meticulously designed with the customer in mind. The ergonomic pushbutton control grip and best-in-class design make it easy to operate and maintain.

Thoughtful Design

The LK electric chain hoist is designed to meet the noise and size specifications of the entertainment market, making it the quietest and most compact design in the industry. It comes standard with all the features you need to get up and running today. The hoist is engineered to help you rise above and keep your facility running at its best.

Many of the key drivetrain components of the LK electric chain hoist, such as the hoist motor, motor brake, and gearbox, have been designed to last for the designed working period of the hoist. The hoist brake is self-adjusting, so air gap adjustments are not required, and the hoist gearbox is permanently lubricated. When maintenance is required, the LK hoist is designed for ease of maintenance. The chain guide and sprocket are easily accessed from the outside of the hoist, and the electrical components are all plug-and-play connections for quick inspections and replacements.

The LK chain hoist features an all-pressure case aluminum body, which protects the electrical parts inside the hoist. The plug-and-play connection and rocker-style electrical limits are all housed inside the hoist body for improved protection, and cable gland entries are tested for maximum use to hold up to 400 pounds. R&M’s LK hoisting gearbox meets a minimum AGMA 10 rating to bring you the best precision and durability available in the industry.


In any industrial operation, safety is a priority. We ensure this by factory load testing our LK hoists at 125% of the rated capacity. They feature an innovative slip clutch overload device, with the overload factory set at 110% of the rated capacity. This slip clutch is easily accessible from the end of the hoist body.

The rocker-style upper and lower hoisting limits also contribute to safety by preventing overtravel of the hook and chain, thereby protecting the equipment. The LK hoist is equipped with maintenance and safety information that is specifically created for your equipment, eliminating the need for guessing whether you are following the correct guidelines.

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